Camping rules


In order to access the campsite, each guest must have the authorization of the Management by presenting to the Management a valid identity card or other equivalent document suitable to certify the identity according to the regulations in force (art. 109 ). We accept identity cards, passports, driver's licenses (NOT plastic) and gun booklets, provided that they are provided with a photograph and a dry stamp. Guests are asked to check the accuracy of the data entered and to report any errors, changes, arrivals, departures and returns of people / animals / cars. An identity card will be issued, which must be shown at the request of the person in charge of control (to be returned on departure) and a car passport, which must be attached to the right side of the windscreen. Access and presence of unauthorized persons on the campsite constitutes a violation of the public safety regulations, art. 614 C.P. (violation of the residence), art. 633 C.P. (intrusion into land and buildings), art. 624 C.P. (theft of services) and the crime of contract fraud.

Minors must be accompanied and remain with their parents or other adults with parental authority who are responsible for them. In this case a regular power of attorney must be presented.

The place inside the campsite, pitches are always assigned by the management, which the guests must respect. It is not allowed to change the place on your own initiative. Guests are requested to contact the reception to improve their stay in the campsite.

On each pitch it is not allowed to place more than one unit and the presence of more than 4 persons, but a single family unit, is not allowed. A maximum of one car, caravan or camper van is allowed on each pitch.

ll equipment, including vehicles, must be placed neatly within the pitch, taking into account that there must be sufficient distance from adjacent pitches to ensure passage, easy access to utilities and an evacuation route in case of emergency. Each parking space must have a free space for the correct parking of the vehicle to keep the escape routes clear at all times. It is not allowed to charge e-cars on the pitch.

Spreading or erecting tarpaulins, tents, awnings and the like is not allowed. Sails and awnings are allowed!

For hygienic and sanitary reasons, the camper is obliged to keep the assigned space completely clean and tidy. The use of the barbecue is allowed only in such a way and under such weather conditions that it cannot be dangerous and disturbing, it must always and exclusively be placed on the fixed part of the pitch (NOT on the grass)

Departure must take place between 08:00 and 11:00 am. If departure takes place after 11:00 a.m., an additional day's stay will be charged, i.e. the daily rate for the pitch and persons, regardless of the arrival time (without offers). If the pitch is booked, it is not possible to extend the stay beyond 11:00 am. The cashier service (at the reception) is available from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Visitors are admitted from 08 AM to 8 PM and only at the discretion of the reception. Visitors can only enter the campsite after depositing a valid identification card at the reception and after receiving the visitor's card from the responsible staff. The visit can last a maximum of 60 minutes. After this time visitors must pay the daily camping fee. Visitors' vehicles are not allowed to enter the campsite and must be parked in the unguarded outdoor parking lot in front of the reception. Campers are obliged to make sure that their guests are in possession of the authorization of the management and are responsible for their behavior within the campsite.

The presence of pets must be reported immediately upon arrival. Max 2 dogs, 3 upon request are allowed. Pets must be provided with a special health booklet containing the vaccinations required by Italian law. It is obligatory for residents of Italy that their dog is equipped with a microchip. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, also for accompanying them outside the campsite and for their walks, in compliance with the health and hygiene regulations and in accordance with the administrative law in force. It is forbidden to bring pets into the playground, the swimming pool area and all common areas (bars, restaurants, stores, toilets, etc.). Pets must never be left unattended, not even on the pitch. We charge € 4 /day for your pet.

It is forbidden at all times to behave inappropriately, to play games and use equipment that could disturb the guests of the campsite.

The rest period is from 10 pm to 08 am.

The gate remains closed at these times. The strict observance of this schedule is required for the tranquility of all. During these hours it is not allowed: to drive a camper/caravan, motorcycle on the whole camping area, the service vehicles are exempt from the prohibition; to disturb the peace by making noise or other sounds such as television, radio or other activities. It is not allowed to wash dishes, play table tennis or make other noises.

Inside the campsite it is forbidden to play football, tambourine, bowls or harassing games and activities. It is also forbidden to use roller skates.

All vehicles may enter and leave the campsite only at the permitted times, at moderate speed (walking pace, maximum 5-10 km/h) and following the signs. The traffic of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles is prohibited.

Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children, their vitality, education and needs must not be at the expense of the peace, safety and hygiene of other guests.
Children must always be accompanied by an adult to the toilets, games and the swimming pool. Within the pool area, the specific regulations must be observed.

 It is prohibited:
- To dispose of garbage outside the provided garbage cans;
- making holes or channels in the ground;
- to light open fire;
- Damage the vegetation;
- Pour oils, fuels, boiling, salted or waste liquids on the ground
- To wash the vehicle
- Washing dishes and laundry outside the sinks;
- wasting or misusing water;
- damage or tampering with equipment and appliances;
- create fences, shade tarpaulins, install ropes at eye level; install anything else that could be potentially dangerous or hinder free passage.

Any objects found on the campsite must be handed over to the management (the reception office) for the completion of the relevant formalities or for return to the rightful owner.

The use of sports and leisure equipment is at your own risk. Furthermore, the management is not liable:
- for any theft of objects and valuables that have not been entrusted and taken into custody;
- damage caused by excessive snow loads and falls of branches or plants;
- for damage caused by other guests, force majeure, natural disasters, insects
Diseases and epidemics also of plants or other causes that do not depend on the negligence of the campsite staff.

The use of the swimming pool by users must comply with the rules of conduct set out in this regulation.

16.1 Opening hours
• The swimming pool is at the disposal of the campsite users on the days and times determined by the manager. The opening hours are posted at the entrance of the swimming pool. The following times are respected: from mid-March to mid-November daily in summer from 9:00 to 22:00 and in autumn from 09:00 to 19:00. Any extraordinary openings must be agreed in advance with the pool manager.
The users are obliged to respect the opening hours of the swimming pool as defined above, as well as the other rules regarding this respect, as defined in these regulations.
16.2 Access
• The swimming pool is accessible and usable only by guests of the campsite.
Day guests who are not staying at the campsite can purchase the service at the reception during opening hours.
16.3 Prohibitions and restrictions on access to facilities
•  Persons with wounds, bleeding, skin injuries or bandages with plasters and bandages are not allowed to enter the pool. Persons suffering from pathologies that pose a risk when using the pool are requested, for their own safety and the safety of others, to inform the swimming assistants on duty of their state of health before entering the water.
• Children under 14 years of age are not allowed to enter the facilities unless they are accompanied by adult persons who take responsibility for them. For access to and stay in the facilities, the campsite staff may verify the age of unaccompanied children by asking them to show an identification card.
• In order to ensure the right of all guests to personal safety and peaceful stay in the facility, the operator, either himself or through the personnel of the campsite, has the right to expel from the facility those who, by their behavior, disturb public order and/or public morals, or who, by their noise, dangerous games or other statements, compromise the safety of other guests or otherwise disturb the smooth running of the service.
• Dogs or other animals are not allowed in the pool area.
• Consuming food and/or beverages in the showers and pool area is not allowed.
• to have gymnastics, fishing and/or underwater swimming equipment, radio, sound reproducers and other electrical appliances without prior, even verbal, permission from the campsite staff.
• to enter the areas used by bathers with shoes;
• To hold on to showers, taps and other handholds in the shower area.
• Playing ball in and around the pool. 
• Snapping, pushing, chasing, harassing, or otherwise endangering yourself or others. 
• Shower or bath with soap and/or shampoo; Staying in the pool area without a bathing suit. 
• plunging edges and steps, running or backwards diving. 
• Spitting in bath water or spilling liquids of any kind. 
• Urinate, defecate and clean wounds in the pool. 
• Immersion in the tub when one or more parts of the body are splashed with oils, creams and similar substances of any kind, including hair or skin dyes. 
• Throwing clothes or objects of any kind into the water. 
• Entering the pool area after closing time.
• Entering the engine room. 
- Bringing glass bottles and glasses, cutlery and/or similar items into the pool area.
• The use of the swimming pool, the rooms, the furniture and the equipment is at the risk of the persons who practice swimming and their companions, with the exclusion of any liability of the operator, with the exception of defects due to the structure of the installation.
• For hygienic reasons it is obligatory to use the shower before entering the tub.
16.6 In the water
• The floor can only be walked on barefoot or with special footwear that allows the feet to be completely immersed in the foot wash basin.
• The use of swimming goggles with unbreakable lenses is allowed
• The use of swimwear is mandatory for children under 3 years of age and for physiologically incontinent users.
• It is compulsory to supervise accompanied minors on their own responsibility.
• It is recommended to swim without disturbing and/or hindering other swimmers.
• For the storage of waste of any kind, the appropriate waste containers must be used.
• For hygienic reasons it is obligatory to use a towel on the cribs.
• It is forbidden to leave objects unattended in the pool area.
• It is strictly forbidden to occupy tables or couches when they are not in use; couches that are not used for more than 30 minutes are considered available for other users.
• The operator is entitled to temporarily suspend the access of bathers in the following cases:
- Overcrowding of the facility in a way that endangers the safety of the guests.
- Necessity and urgency to carry out restorative work on
Functionality and security of the system.
- Emergency situations that may even pose a potential threat to the safety of users and camping staff. 
16.8 Damages
• All structural parts of the bathing facility as well as the equipment, outdoor furniture and the material of which his equipment is made must be used with care in every respect.
• Any damage caused to the plants and their furniture, equipment and materials, as well as to the areas surrounding them, will be charged to those responsible, with an immediate request for compensation for the costs incurred for the restoration.

17) Information about the times-

•Arrivals - pitches from 12 am to 7 pm
•Departures by 11 am
•Reception Check-in from 12 am to 7 pm
•Silence from 10 pm to 7 am
•Reception - Cash desk from 8 am to 7 pm 
•Daily guests from 8 am to 7 pm
•Market/ Bar from 8 to 10 am,  2 to 7 pm
•SPA sauna, Turkish bath from 2 to 7 pm
•Swimming pool from 9 am to 7 pm
•Plot for water draining, black water drain from 8:15 am to 6:30 pm

18) Unauthorized access
 The access and presence of unauthorised persons on the campsite includes:
• violation of the provisions on public security.
• Infringement of Article 614 of the Italian Criminal Code (Trespassing),
• infringement of Article 633 of the Italian Criminal Code (intrusion into land and buildings).
• infringement of Article 624 of the Italian Criminal Code (theft of services).
• crime of contract fraud.
• In the event of the presence of undeclared or illegal persons, the guest is obliged to pay, as a penalty for each person, an amount equal to the price of the stay from the day of the beginning of the occupation of the pitch or accommodation, with a minimum of 8 days (eight, 8x30€=240€), without prejudice to the incontestable right of the Management to immediately cancel the contract of stay and to expel the guest and his relatives.

The Management reserves the right to expel any person who, in its unappealable judgement, violates the regulation or otherwise disturbs the harmony and spirit of the receptive settlement, disrupts the good course of community life or does not respect the rules and agreements of this regulation.
Guests who have already been expelled or recalled may not enter the campsite without a new specific authorisation from the Management. 

The Management reserves the right, at any time, to modify the contents (articles) of the regulations, the number of the structure or pitch and to change the opening and closing date of the campsite, swimming pool, bar.

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